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Lock Nuts


Lock nuts are used to install, remove and secure bearings and other machine parts. Depending on how they are used, locknuts are referred to as mounting nuts, shaft nuts or removal nuts. So-called hook spanners or impact spanners are generally used for securing or releasing purposes. Bearings are pressed onto the taper of a shaft or adapter sleeve using locknuts. The adapter sleeve can also be pulled into the tapered bearing bore. Shaft nuts are used to insert withdrawal sleeves into the tapered bearing bore. Withdrawal sleeves are dismounted by screwing a removal nut onto the sleeve thread and rotating it against the inner ring of the bearing until it slides out from the bearing. Nuts (except removal nuts) are used to secure the bearing on the taper. These in turn are secured with locking devices (MB, MBL, or MS) to prevent them from coming loose.
Lock nut product codes

The product codes for locknuts start with HM or KM.
Lock nuts of types KM, KML or HM, HML, and HMLL have four grooves on their outer diameter. By contrast, the HM 30.. and HM 31.. ranges have eight grooves on their outer diameter and eight thread bores for securing a locking clip.


Different suffixes (letters) distinguish the various locknuts within the ranges. A distinction is made between H and HS designs.

H = Lock nuts with the suffix H have additional thread bores right through them. This makes it possible to mount them with additional screws. HS = Lock nuts with the suffix HS have additional thread bores right through them and come with the relevant mounting screws.

Type MB.. H mounting washers are used during mounting/dismounting with mounting screws. These mounting washers prevent the mounting screws from damaging the bearing's inner ring or the sleeve.

Use of locking devices/

Lock washers from the MB and MBL ranges are used to secure type KM, KML, and HM.. T lock nuts. Locking clips from the MS 30.. and MS 31.. ranges are used to secure type HM 30.. and HM 31.. lock nuts.