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Withdrawal Sleeves / Hydraulic Withdrawal Sleeve


AH, AHX adapt themselves to the shaft diameter, while wider diameter tolerances can also be permitted than for the seat of a bearing with a cylindrical bore. Used to fix bearings with a tapered bore on supported shafts(lean). With Withdrawal Sleeve the shaft must have a thread so the nut can move the sleeve against the bearing. Lock nuts or end plates are not supplied with withdrawal sleeves. KM or HM Lock nuts with appropriate locking devices are suitable, but must be ordered separately.

Suffixes Since 1997, there have been withdrawal sleeves with the suffix G. The G indicates a change of thread size. With withdrawal sleeves and adapter sleeves having different thread sizes, attempts have been made to standardize them. These standardization efforts are inspired by a desire to reduce nut variation.

HYDRAULIC WITHDRAWAL SLEEVE : Hydraulic Withdrawal Sleeve / AOH comes with the normal sleeves dimensions, hydraulic Adapter Sleeve / AOH are recommended for shafts or large size sets because they are provided with oil injection gutters, making the assembling and specially the disassembling easier. Hydraulic Adapter Sleeve / AOH is available for shafts from 140 mm on. Custom Hydraulic series also available on request.

AH Standard withdrawal sleeve, preservative coated (metric)2).
AHX Modified AH (metric)2)
AOH Metric sleeves having a bore diameter of 200 mm and above are supplied as standard with two oil-supply ducts at the threaded side and have distribution grooves around the circumference and in the axial direction on the outside surface as well as in the bore.2)

Dimensions Standards : ISO 2982-1
Tolerances : Bore diameter : JS9
Width : h13
External Taper: 1:12 as standard
1:30 as standard in the A(O)H and A(O)H 241 series
Bore Diameter < 180 mm (size < 38): metric thread in accordance with ISO 965-3, matching the appropriate KT nut for dismounting.
Bore Diameter > 190 mm (size > 40): metric trapezoidal thread in accordance with ISO 2903, matching the appropriate KT nut for dismounting.
Bore Diameter < 180 mm (size < 38): Tolerance 5H – ISO 965 - 3
Bore Diameter > 190 mm (size > 40): Tolerance 7H – ISO 2903
Shaft Tolerances: h9 E
Cylindricity: IT5/2 – ISO 1101

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