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Lock Washers


Lock washers, locking clips and locking plates are simple, stable and reliable fastening elements which engage a keyway in the shaft or key slot in the adapter sleeve. The washer locks the nut inn position when one of the washer tabs (tangs) is bent into one of the slots of the nut. Locking clips and locking plates are attached to the nut by bolts. A locking clip consists of the clip, a hexagonal head bolt. A locking plate consists of the plate, two hexagonal head bolts and a wire. This is an accessory of the sleeve, but with own application. It function is to lock the nut to avoid its loose from the sleeve or its own shaft. 

Type MB.. H mounting washers are used during mounting/dismounting with mounting screws. These mounting washers prevent the mounting screws from damaging the bearing's inner ring or the sleeve.  Lock washers from the MB and MBL ranges are used to secure type KM, KML, and HM.. T lock nuts. Locking clips from the MS 30.. and MS 31.. ranges are used to secure type HM 30.. and HM 31.. lock nuts.